Super long did not update this space le..

Its getting more and more boring le..

Been busy with work during this holiday..

Left a week, to start my new term and i so looking forward to my internship.

I’m ready to go into working life and i wanna go into working life to start earning money and to settle for my school fees.

But i still will miss school life, miss my classmate and the fun we had together As school life is always better than working life.

Slacking at home the whole day and watching mio tv.

I like the feel of slacking at  home, with the company of my com and tv.haha

Anyway, my niece (Abigail) and my cousin (Aaron) has turn 1 month…

Seeing my niece growing up each day, make my life more happy. People say there’s a baby at home will make the house more happenning.

Next term, i will be taking 4 module and there will be 3 exam. Stress

Gonna end my post here….


Before i prepare myself to sch, shall post something here first.Hmmmm

Been busy with sch assignment. No time to update my daily life..

3 more assignment to go and 1 exam to go.

Can’t wait for holiday. Wanna go holiday, but where to go and go with who..haha

2 good news to share with u ppl, First is that my niece arrive to this world on 6 May and her name is Abigail Ong, the second one is my another cousin has arrive to this world on the 8 May and his name is Aaron chua.

Abigail Ong (My niece) love love

Aaron Chua ( My cousin) love love

Shall end my post here..

GTG Prepare for my sch le..

Busy Days


All the 3 days keep visiting people house here and there and stay till quite late. So tiring but somehow is fun.

And only once in a year to visit relative house and get ang bao..

3 days passes very fast and tdy i went back to work at the night. As usual busy. Becuz after new year alot of ppl sick de…

My doc give miie ang bao too and he bringing everyone workers in the clinic for lunch buffet at shangri-la hotel next sat. So looking forward to it.

So tired and busy after exam till 3rd day of cny. Haven really have a good rest yet.

New term starting next monday, but i don have lesson on monday, so i will be having class at tuesday.

This is my last second term before my attachment start. I have to start slowly think where to work and what type of position to work.. Think of gong for attachment damn boring lo. I still prefer school life than working life..haha but no choice la..

Which hotel to work? What type of job to work in the hotel?

Anyone any advice or suggestion??

Pic for CNY will be at facebook.


Third day. Visited xy house in the afternoon, than went over to my 4th aunt house after that. Stay there till 12+.

Gamble again..haha but this time round i lose..

Home sweet home at 12+..


Second day. Visited my relative at chai chee.

Stay till around 5+ and went over to my 5th aunt house.

Eat dinner and play cards again. I won again, this time round i won 86 bucks. We play till 3+ and home sweet home after that.


First day of CNY & V’day. Visited my both father and mother side grandparent.

Stay at my grandma house till night time. Eat steamboat prepared by my gandmother.  After which, gambling start.

Play mahjong with my grandma, uncle and bro. Won 200 bucks. Yeah!! haha

1st feb

Today is 1st feb, time pass super fast. Means CNY is only 13 days away and my exam is 8 days away.

Ytd just completed my Hotel assignment and i left with 1 more to go and is exam le.

So scared no time to study but the other hand so looking forward to 9 feb.haha Becuz i only have 1 exam than after that i can go shopping le.

So sian, keeping having to do assignment.

My new term will be starting on 22 feb, so looking forward for my new module, but the other hand zw will not be in same class as miie le. So sian:(

Why people are so selfish? Don’t wish to say much too..

Gonna start on my revision on my convention le. Lot’s of thing to study and also need to do my assignment to.

Bye, off to study.

Today is the last day for this term.

Time really pass super fast.

I left with 2 semester and i will be going for my attachment.

Hope to end this term fast, but next term i will not be in same class as zi wei le.

I’m so happy to get to know zi wei.

We will always share with each other our thing and i’m so happy that to talk to her.

To Zi Wei: I will always rmb u as my best friend, stay in contact and friends forever. So glad to know u also. Rmb our secret huh!!!haha

Ytd went to have lunch with zi wei.

Took photo with zw.


happy new year.

it’s another brand new year.

ytd went walking ard at bugis with angie and edwina.

after which, went back to my gm hse and slack and eat dinner.

after that, meet edwina at tamp mrt station, and walk ard tamp awhile before we went over to marina to see fireworks.

damn lots of ppl at marina there.

the fireworks was super super nice and beautiful, din take any pic as i was lazy to take.

i will upload some pic here and the rest is at fb.

Super long did not update my blog le.

Super lazy and busy with my sch assignment.

Lots of assignment coming in.

1 more day to 2010.

New year, so i have lots of new wishes.

My wishlist for 2010

– New start of the year

– New r/s (Hope so)

– New hairstyle (Maybe)

– Get better result for both my assignment & exam

– Everything went smooth for me

– Wish my family, relative and friends healthy

Ytd, after sch went jurong point and walk walk with Zi Wei.

We went to have my early dinner and her lunch plus dinner at ichiban.

Have a very good chat with her.


To ZW: Glad to know you and stay in contact forever, even though we not in same class next term. Friends Foever=))